Martin Waller. The studios were closed by Meridian in 2004 and were demolished in 2010. Michael Tate. big ticket television clg wiki. FX/SFX: None Cheesy Factor: None Music/Sounds: 1. TVS tunes in with 62% leap in profits. ( ABC, ATV, Anglia, Border, Carlton, Central, Channel, Channel 4, Grampian, Granada, Harlech/HTV, IBA - Independent Broadcasting Authority, ITV, London Weekend, Mediacircus, Meridian, Rediffusion London, Scottish, Southern, TSW, TWW, Tyne Tees, … Dyke accepted the IBA criticism, but highlighted that TVS had already begun remedying the issues and faults, with a new editor for its Southampton news operation, and a new head of religious output was brought in, along with a controller of drama, a first for TVS. By November 1986, the station became one of the most heavily criticised companies by the IBA over its programming. Other location programming included the usual round of sports coverage in the region, principally football. The ITC refused every attempt to get it to explain its decision. Taking consistent top place finishes throughout Season 2, has been hailed as one of the strongest European teams. In Autumn 1992, a number of American companies were interested in acquiring the company, from the likes of TCW Capital, International Family Entertainment Inc. (IFE) and Lorne Michaels. WCBS is also the flagship station of the CBS Television Network. Universal-International Television was a short-lived division of Universal Pictures, prior to the merger with MCA. 1 KEMO-TV 1.1 1968–1972 1.2 1972–1980 2 KTZO 2.1 1980–1986 3 KOFY-TV (first era) 3.1 1986–1990 3.2 1990–1995 3.3 1995–1998 4 KBWB 4.1 1998–2001 4.2 2001–2002 4.3 2002–January 2006 4.4 January–September 2006 4.5 September 2006–2008 5 KOFY-TV (second era) 5.1 2008–2011 5.2 … TVS used Dover as a regional studio for a year until completion of Vinters Park when it disposed of the site. Martin Waller, The Times (London, England), Wednesday, 6 January 1993. Upon purchase TVS made significant investment, including building a new scenery block to the rear of the existing site. Asher-angel-2016 Happy 90th Anniversary to: The BFDI Channel launched in 2014, and it was originally owned by YSR Network until February 2017 when the channel was acquired by BFDI TV. Martin Waller. Here we talk about everything from excellent TV shows, to great web series, and even advertisements and celebrities. The CLG Wiki Live Channel 2015 Special (Television Milestones) by Century Guy Entertainment. 1,920 × 1,440; 9 KB, Trimark (1994).png However, the ITC asserted that there was now a third criterion, a requirement that the ITC could confidently expect the winning company to sustain its annual payments throughout the entire period of the 10-year licence. La Shochiku cèdera devant un Dionnet expliquant que le public français ne connait pas la carrière de Kitano et qu’il accepterait plus facilement de le voir sous les traits d’un personnage violent. By Kenneth Gosling. Monsters, Inc., Donnie Darko, Shrek, The Fairly OddParents, Invader Zim, Samurai Jack, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (film), My Wife and Kids, According to Jim, Scrubs, Wikipedia, Zoolander, Vanilla Sky, and 24, Happy 15th Anniversary to: In May 2000, Allcroft was a director and advisor of Gullane and she returned for the sixth series as executive producer alongside Peter Urie and had script consulting duties on the seventh series after the failure of Thomas and the Magic Railroad. columbia tristar television distribution 1 1st Logo 2 2nd Logo 3 3rd Logo 4 Other (September 29, 1985-January 23, 2008, May 30, 2018-) Nickname:: "The E.T. These centres were each manned by a news team, consisting of two reporters, a cameraperson, sound recordist and lighting electrician. During its 11-year history, TVS produced a number of notable programmes for the ITV network especially in the fields of drama, light entertainment and children's programming. The original draft of the Broadcasting Act stated that the applicant with the highest cash bid would win; however, following fears that this would financially stretch the network and diminish programme standards, the concept of a 'quality threshold' was introduced. Carol Ferguson. The deal created a unique company with productions operations in Ireland, UK and USA, along with a UK broadcasting franchise. Alex Trebek (1940-2020) American TV presenter best known for hosting Jeopardy since 1984. A number of presenters made the transition from Southern to TVS. [4] This was the official line given by the IBA, but it was also considered that Southern's non-local ownership (the majority shareholders were Associated Newspapers, based in London, and D.C. Thomson, based in Dundee)[5] and its very conservative nature led to it being dropped in favour of the more interesting proposals made by TVS in its franchise application. FREE Delivery Find Out More. By our Deputy City Editor.The Times (London, England), Wednesday, 4 November 1992. Edit. Trivia: 1. Cars, Over the Hedge, Happy Feet, Monster House, High School Musical, 30 Rock, Twitter, Metalocalypse, and The CW. A Black and white version for black and white shows. 2014: Viacom's Pinball Music 2. plus a £5.7m write-off from the disposal of Super Channel[26] resulted in financial instability. Welcome to the original forum dedicated to the ultimate artform of the entertainment industry -- the production company logo! With TVS continuing to generate large profits, but restricted in ITV network programming, the company started to search for other investments. The Walt Disney Company first ventured into the television industry as early as 1950, beginning with the one-hour one-off special, One Hour in Wonderland. This resulted in the "bid high or die" strategy – in which the management calculated the highest possible bid that TVS could possibly afford. The Times, Tuesday, 6 August 1991. Southern Television was the ITV broadcasting licence holder for the south and south-east of England from 30 August 1958 to 31 December 1981. 1,200 × 900; 796 KB, Tapestry Films - Animated Version.png [19] By the following January, its profits had increased again to £21.8M. BFDI TV launched in the USA in February 28, 2017 replacing The BFDI Channel. The station broadcasts on channel 2 and is owned by the CBS Television Stations division of the CBS Corporation. Following the award of the franchise to TVS, Southern Television sold the site to the new company at a premium. 17:31, 20 January 2021 TV South reported to have bought US company Staff Reporter The Guardian (1959–2003); 1 July 1988; French join Television South in £190m purchase of MTM. As TVS established its deal with LWT, the company started to make significant contributions to the network with its own drama and entertainment series including: Catchphrase, C.A.T.S. A campaign to have it listed failed as the large-scale conversion for television production had made it unsuitable for listing. [48][51][52] The MTM Enterprises library was maintained by 20th Century Fox Television (which was acquired by Disney in 2019).[53]. In the summer a major light entertainment programme, Summertime Special was produced for the ITV network on Saturday evenings. TVS's identity featured a six coloured symbol that formed up in three stages from the outside in before zooming out and sitting alongside the TVS lettering, accompanied by a shortened version of the station theme New Forest Rondo. Evangelist may be sole runner for TVS. TVS's Gatward ousted. The Times Thursday, 10 December 1981 pg. Each studio had a single camera and a cut down version of the interview set to enable down the line interviews. All family and animation logo descriptions will be posted here. description pages and [30] In March 1991, four contenders were lined up to buy MTM, which would have seen the company being sold off for around £50m, there were hopes the deal would be sorted by May before the ITV franchise application was submitted.[31][32]. In November, TCW Capital made a counter bid,[39] but pulled out a few weeks later after reviewing the accounts of TVS. The decision to operate a television theatre was against the trend in television at that time as both the BBC and Thames Television were to dispose of similar facilities in the following two years. Southern and Westward TV lose franchises and others to be restructured. [41][42] ITV plc. Sony (Columbia Pictures Television, Sony Pictures Television, TriStar Television) Warner Media (Warner Bros. Television) Other (Boone County Productions, Witt/Thomas Productions, Wolf Entertainment) For the first time since 1974, the Torch Lady or anything resembling Columbia's symbol is nowhere to be seen; instead, the corporate logo for Sony Pictures was introduced to television viewers for the first time. The CLG Wiki is a companion site of The Closing Logo Group. By Kenneth Gosling.The Times, Monday, 29 December 1980; "The £400 million rush for a TV franchise" By Tony Robinson, The Observer; 11 May 1980, Teleview. The studios on Russell Street, were originally the eastern base of Southern Television from which Scene South East and Scene Midweek were broadcast, and were essentially a news gathering operation with transmission facilities for regional news opt-outs. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pokémon (franchise), Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible (film), Fargo, Twister, Space Jam, Scream, Independence Day, Hey Arnold!, Dexter's Laboratory, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Everybody Loves Raymond, Spin City, and 7th Heaven, Happy 20th Anniversary to: Editions by Nathan B. TVS also provided a number of networked factual and science-based programmes, including In The Mouth of the Dragon and The Real World which was twice broadcast in 3D (a ground-breaking TV first in the UK) with special glasses given away with TV Times magazine. Even the most experienced logo fans haven't a clue about where this logo appeared or whether or not the television show it appeared on is sti… GirlMeetsWorldDisneyChannel Fansite The ident was shot initially on film of a mechanical model, but was later shot using video effects and from 1985, a computer generated version of the ident was used. Both agreed not to sell for a period of five years. Funny Local News Recommended for you. TVS continued Southern Television's tradition of providing classical music programmes but these were broadcast on Channel 4 instead of ITV, principally involving The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra under its conductor Owain Arwel Hughes. Counter Logic Gaming Europe was formed in December of 2011 as an extension of the North American organization, Counter Logic Gaming. Background: Originally formed in 1981,Amblin Entertainmentdidn't enter TV production until 1985, when the sci-fi showAmazing Stories premiered on NBC. Beauty and the Beast (1991 film), Sonic The Hedgehog, Boyz N The Hood, Silence Of The Lambs, Thelma and Louise, Rugrats, Doug, The Ren and Stimpy Show, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Home Improvement, Maury, and The Jerry Springer Show, Happy 25th Anniversary to: QLED and OLED TVs. [29], Ahead of the ITV franchise round, James Gatward resigned from TVS, after being informed his services were no longer required, as the board believed Gatward was not showing sufficient resolve in preparing TVS for the franchise bid. Logo: Just An Orange Text With Its byline Underneath Bylines: 1. Paramount Pictures 1944 ('Lady in the Dark' Closing Variant).jpg Prior to broadcasting, TVS refused to take on most of Southern's programme stock, except the arrangement to cover two Glyndebourne operas each year. It was the highest bid ever made by any UK television broadcaster.[33]. [40] IFE increased its offer to £45.3m, but continued to be opposed by Julian Tregar who blocked the deal on technical grounds, as it alleged that the offer was too low. This is the Family and Animation section of the CLG Wiki. "TVS seeks buyer for 'Hill Street' stake" The Observer 14 January 1990; TVS blames 35pc profit loss on MTM" Tony May, The Guardian; 17 January 1990; Hurd backs TV 'revolution'.Richard Evans, Media Editor. TVS began broadcasting at 9.30 am on Friday 1 January 1982. TVS seeks franchise review. Asher-angel-2016 No clock was included in the look. SubparMario63 For the TVS electronic component, see, The TVS region when it lost its franchise in 1992, Contributions to series on the ITV network. Variant C appears on FX's print of Home Alone. Variants: 1… The Times, Saturday, 19 September 1992. Meridian only planned to employ 370 staff, as it intended to produce a far smaller amount of network programming and would use independent producers for the remainder of its programming. The ITC announced the results of the franchise battle by releasing simultaneous faxes to the contending companies. Thus TVS was able to get more of its programmes onto the ITV network slots, such as Bobby Davro on the Box, Catchphrase, C.A.T.S Eyes, Five Alive, Kelly's Eye, The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, Summertime Special and other light entertainment programmes. "After the break" The Guardian; 30 December 1980; Whitbread buys £6m TVS stake. [22] TVS also acquired a 3.5% stake in Australia Network Ten company Northern Star. This was primarily a different edition of the flagship Coast to Coast news programme from a different base and with a different presenting team. It's A Wonderful Life, Happy 70th Anniversary to: SubparMario63 This is one of the rarest and most confusing logos ever made. Construction commenced in early 1982 and the first studios at the centre became operational in mid-1983. Second potential bidder for TVS. In the event, the projections of advertising revenue on which TVS had based its massive bid turned out to be correct. By TVS's fifth anniversary in 1987, its profits had grown 62% since 1981 to £14.4 million, which was helped after TVS increased its share of programming for ITV network and growth in new business; warnings were made that inflation and cost was higher, but the projected growth of television operations would be around 7–8% during the rest of 1987. The Times, Thursday, 20 July 1989; pg. Compare. Also extensive coverage of the various party political conferences from Brighton and Bournemouth. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Happy 50th Anniversary to: In 1990 the new Broadcasting Act was passed by parliament, which deregulated broadcasting in the UK and removed the monopoly on programme production held by franchise holders. If you mess up any page or spam, you will be temporarily banned. The Times (London, England), Tuesday, 22 September 1992. The result of these calculations was a massive £59 million per annum payable for the following 10 years. The Fox and the Hound, Donkey Kong (video game and character), Mario (character), Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Silicon Graphics, MTV, The Fall Guy, and Entertainment Tonight', Happy 35th Anniversary to: 2014: "Byliness" 2. Or, for a family film viewing in the living room, a 65 inch TV is big enough for everyone to get a clear view. Logo: We see an improved Pegasus on a cloud background (similar to the current Columbia Pictures logo, but the middle part is a bit shorter).We see “TRISTAR” and “TRISTAR TELEVISION” above and below the logo, respectively. The company was sold to the U.S. firm International Family Entertainment in 1993. [15], TVS retained its original philosophy for regional and children's programmes. The Times, Thursday, 31 December 1981. Whitbread acquired a 20% stake in TVS from European Ferries in April 1984, as the latter wished to concentrate its financial and management resources on the shipping and property sectors,[11] but sold on the stake in November 1986. In September 1993, IFE launched a UK version of The Family Channel based at The Maidstone Studios and using some elements of the TVS programme archive. 01:26, 21 January 2021 TVS also innovated with the experimental Afternoon Club, a dedicated programme encompassing a number of afternoon soap operas, quiz shows etc. TVS ceased broadcasting on 31 December 1992 after losing its franchise to Meridian Broadcasting during the review of franchise holders in 1991. This page was last edited on 21 January 2021, at 00:56. [28] This was not as bad as expected, since TVS has planned to eliminate 200 jobs during the summer of 1989. CLG Wiki Television Section. TVS finally completed the purchase of the Southampton site, equipment, news library and staff pension fund in August 1981. Elkan Allan. Both the South and South East editions won the Royal Television Society's awards for the Best News Programme of the Year, in 1983 (South East edition), and in 1989 and 1991 (South edition). TVS paid for the deal partly by selling 10% stakes in TVS for £29.2m each to Canal Plus and Générale D'Images, a cable television, film library and film production group, asking shareholders for £47.8m through a convertible preference share issue, with the remaining £38m taken out in a bank loan. (c) 2019 TMX Media, Inc. Meridian operated from elsewhere in Maidstone, but in 2004, after extensive cutbacks, it moved back into a small newsroom in the Maidstone Studios. The studio facilities at Southampton were sold to the incoming franchise winner Meridian Broadcasting – even though Meridian had said it intended to operate as a "publisher broadcaster" and would not be making anything like the amount of regional programming made by TVS. The Times, Saturday, 23 January 1993; Learn how and when to remove this template message, Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story, "Profile – London Weekend Television's Greg Dyke", "The History of London Weekend Television, LWT", "New player makes bid for TVS Entertainment", "UK media group Flextech invests in UK Family Channel", "Fox Family squeezes 'Club' in youthful sked", "News Corp. and Haim Saban Reach Agreement to Sell Fox Family Worldwide to Disney for $5.3 Billion", "Fox Family costs Mouse less cheese in final deal", "NBC To Reboot 'Remington Steele' As Comedy With Ruben Fleischer", Transdiffusion Television Network From the South Part 1, Transdiffusion Television Network From the South Part 2, Transdiffusion Television Network Telecinema,, Television channels and stations established in 1982, Television channels and stations disestablished in 1992, Articles needing additional references from January 2016, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Herbert Chappell, features, education and music, This page was last edited on 10 January 2021, at 13:19. The Times, Saturday, 27 December 1980 pg. One feature was a remote-control operated camera mounted on the roof of the centre, giving a clear shot of the Houses of Parliament for use as a live backdrop. TVS could have sought a judicial review, but the legal advice that it received was that the prospect of success would be slim and the costs would be enormous. If you're an avid TV-viewer, go one step beyond 4K TVs, 4K HDR and even 4K Ultra HD TVs. On September 16, 2002, Sony Corporation decided to retire the Columbia TriStar Television name and logo from its television division, renaming it "Sony Pictures Television". To reflect this the contract area served by Southern Television, which was previously titled the South of England area was renamed South and South-East of England. 16:28, 20 January 2021 The Maidstone Studios, though significant (and home to many networked shows) were ancillary to those in Southampton which were the company's corporate headquarters. The rationale was that the larger ITV companies should bear more of the production costs as their size enabled them to. The Times, Friday, 13 December 1991, Meridian to buy main TVS studios.Martin Waller. Logo" Logo: We only see a static image of the 1985 standard movie logo. Its education shows were 'too didactic', while its religious output was branded as having "barely discernible religious content". [citation needed]. 376 × 283; 9 KB, Paramount Pictures 1944 ('Lady in the Dark' Opening Variant).jpg Variant: • On Stoked, the logo takes place on a water background. As part of the dual region two entirely separate editions of the TVS regional news programme Coast to Coast were developed to produce daily news coverage across the area. It was also a significant regional broadcaster producing a wide range of programmes for its area with the flagship being the nightly award-winning news programme Coast to Coast produced as two separate editions for the south and south east. For the station that currently uses the callsign formerly used by this station, see KEMO-TV.