The mountaineering courses in India are physically demanding so in order to enjoy the course ensure that you are physically fit before joining. Special Advance. 2. Intro to Mountaineering Course Curriculum Includes: Snow climb­ing, ice axe use and safe­ty, and mov­ing in balance; Roped glac­i­er trav­el, rope team man­age­ment, route find­ing, and crevasse navigation; Appli­ca­tion of all ice axe posi­tions and self arrest training; Intro­duc­tion to … The journey beyond that is a long one and you are your own guide. Please use the below drop down boxes to select the course you are interested in. Clare. The Gran Paradiso provides a great introduction to Alpine Mountaineering and your first 4000m peak. On our two and five day courses you may also climb at Creag Meagaidh, Aonaoch Mor and Ben Nevis. Special Basic 9. That was of course if he could escape, navigate his way and survive the ascent. As several people asked me to write down the details, I’m jotting down my experience here. Topics for each course may include, but are not necessarily limited to the following: Mountaineering Equipment Basics – Learn to use and take care of a variety of mountain gear including climbing, navigation, and camping equipment. Duration of these courses can vary as per the requirements of the trainees. The tedium of camp life … If you’re a mountain lover and want to see some of the world’s most majestic peaks, check out ten of the best mountaineering movies ever made! This maximizes time for technical skill development. Our most comprehensive and popular course for over 30 years, Complete Mountaineering gives climbers a solid foundation in all aspects of mountaineering. This course far exceeded my already optimistic expectations! The best mountaineering boots will not only keep your feet warm and dry, but they will also give your feet the support they need to get you to the highest peaks and protect them from the impact of climbing over rocks in some of the most rugged terrains you will ever see. A rediscovered mountaineering classic and the extraordinary true story of a daring escape up Mount Kenya by three prisoners of war. A good mountaineering watch offers plenty of features to help keep you safe when you’re adventuring at altitude in the backcountry. 10 of the Best Mountaineering Films. The Basic Mountaineering course is the first door one opens in the world of mountaineering. The Best Mountaineering Boot. Topics Covered . Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) The Basic Mountaineering Course is the foundation course in which men and women are initiated into mountaineering. Guide Service: Alpine Ascents International, $5,200. The “Best Sunglasses for Mountaineering” blog is good. If you want to get into mountaineering, this should be one of your first purchases. 2. Winter, water, and wind – oh my! Alpine Climbing and Mountaineering Courses Skills for Climbing in All Mountain Terrains and Conditions "Alpine climbing" refers to mountain climbing in its most classic form. Our mountain climbing trips for beginners focus on basic travel and safety techniques in non-committing terrain and progress to steeper and glaciated areas. The best, fastest and safest way to gain the knowledge you need is to take a class from a reputable institution and learn—in the field—from professional experts. Our level 1 Chamonix Alpine Mountaineering Course is designed to give you the skills to climb safely and independently in the Alps, or will provide you with a foundation to enjoy our more technical alpine climbing holidays in the future. Once the mountains have lost their blanket of ice and snow, the rock underneath becomes more accessible. When you’re out exploring in the wilderness, you want a watch that does much more than simply tell time. 6. We will go where the weather and conditions look best in order to provide you with the nicest quality conditions out there!