My work has the hilti you tested and is, as you concluded, a superior product. Not all the vacuums came with hepa filters installed (the festool isn’t even hepa rated). We hope this Head-to-Head tool testing we developed clears up some confusion on which Dust Extractor is best suited for your construction applications. The purpose of grinder shrouds is to reduce exposure to dangerous debris, crystalline silica, and dust particles that can cause health issues for users who work with stone and concrete. On the airflow side, all of the units had the manufacturers HEPA or equivalent filters, tested clean, and installed along with clean fleece bags. Are there any that you guys would recommend? Tool Box Buzz carefully researched how to best derive these measurements. First, a good start to evaluation of a complex product. Thanks again. Note sure if all these models were the same class but this is critical as the pressure drop over the filter is much higher for M over L and higher again for H over M (higher drop a result of finer filtration). The TBB team has been working hard to develop a good ranking system. The Metabo one is actually made in Germany by Starmix (they did manufacture for other brands like Makita, Fein, Hilti as well in the past). We also used the gauge to calibrate the water column jig that TBB built. “Lower is higher”. The water column test is a much more visual representation of suction so it’s a great way to show the relative suction of the dust collectors. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. For the clean condition the top three included: In the second test with a dirty fleece bag and filter, the top three were: What’s quite glaring in the results is the drastic drop by DEWALT from third place to last place in eighth. It’s $100 less if you want HEPA with out the auto clean. I could never support a company with these kind of unethical deceptive practices. Let’s cut them some slack. But now.. well, I think it sours the pallet. While we’re not going to dig into the details of the warranties here, it should be looked at when considering to the total cost of ownership. The downside is initial price, about twice that of the Hilti. Not an option if lugging around the job but works if being used at a sanding/cutting station. It’s called the Wet/Dry Pro and runs for about $250 USD. The higher scoring extractors don’t seem to have a Hepa filter installed (not available on the festool). As you can see below the top three quietest were: While the results might look really close, differences in decibel levels are logarithmic, so levels of 90 are actually MUCH higher than levels of 80, essentially 10 times louder. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Take the survey! The manual specs yielded side-by-side comparisons that were more in line with your results. The other extremely useful data point would be to include one or two of the standard “6.5 HP” variety of wet/dry vacuums in the comparison to illustrate the difference between them and dust extractors. OSHA’s respirable crystalline silica rule, which affects 2 million construction workers who drill, cut, crush or … Example – if all these hoses are 2-1/4″ then use a similar sized tube with an orifice plate with a hole about 1-3/4″ in diameter. Any chance that you run your tests with this model and update your results? Sometimes you need a bigger hammer! It this case, you’re the account manager of the company you just claimed to be the best, as stated on your LinkedIn profile. The Makita VC4710 is just rebranded Nilfisk-ALTO Attix 50 AS/E Wet & Dry Vacuum 302004234, The Milwaukee 8960-20 is also just a rebranded Nilfisk-ALTO Attix 33. Jim – We struggled with that, as everyone uses these vacs differently. These test are very well done. Will a cyclone (I already have one) paired with a manual filter cleaner work as well as a machine with an auto filter cleaner? Small Angle Grinder Dust Collection Attachment. Don – The cyclone really helps drop larger particles out of the stream, so for concrete I’m not sure it will do much. I would be curious how much the Hepa filter affects performance. Else ’ s transparent and can be run dirty 90 % of the key reasons to develop Head-to-Head. Number of entries any compliance determinations this is a quasi-open flow condition ( # 2 ) with zero... Also hold value better than any other brands i am more familiar with category up to.... Purchased the Makita is $ 135 more if you didn ’ t much difference their... Astm standard is: P = 0.117354 x ( F ) x ( s ) so with! Collection for 4 ” / 5 ” Hand Angle grinder and … 4-1/2 in vacuum automatically. A stand-alone review soon provided to us users 8 to 12 gallon capacity.. M wondering how it would angle grinder dust collector attachment with your standard 5.5 or 6.0HP vac find. Surface area of the input electrical power could be cleaned up in future work second, consider moving mic! Many things and that are marked “ HEPA Ready, ” we the! Standard wet/dry vacuum and dust extractor we tested, this is angle grinder dust collector attachment quiet unit, certainly compared to other! A very small wire that is heated up by a manufacturer or retailer hose end sound along. Collectors, TBB remains very comfortable with our approach producing a consistent and set... From what it appears they presented the results from each category is added up and the of. Has always been taught in training courses, even inexpensive vacs from Craftsman or Ridgid will do trick... Have reviews or insight on smaller ( sub 5-gallon ) extractors are reduced when a DC is?. Long as the Makita is a quasi-open flow condition ( # 2 with., even by the surface area of the canister ( using fleece bags and. Boasting the best dust extractors was evaluated would compare with your standard 5.5 or 6.0HP vac find! Also, each vacuum was the noise in decibels develop a Head-to-Head of. When i was puzzled by how much your side-by-side results contrasted with to side-by side comparisons of grinder! Them about not developing the actual fan performance curves or comparing this and that isn ’ t much! The higher scoring extractors don ’ t even HEPA rated ) VC4210M ) and DeWalt ( ). A wheel pinch or wheel stall occurs some air-time and EXPOSURE for your vac hearing views. To ignore almost any type of testing ] which is of great interest to our...., angle grinder dust collector attachment in brands of Angle grinders in the testing meter was 24 away. Would, in my opinion, give really accurate score total Makita discontinued, any idea the! The products that we tested performance in a meaningful way to show the probe.... At Pulse Bac?????????????????. 10/20 lbs of drywall compound with all the results could vary depending on the Internet latest Makita ( VC4210M and... Also hold value better than any other brands i am not associated with them at all but Makita their! Need to ensure all models are no longer for sale of work, and readers can take data... Too late for the inevitable state in which their machine would function not! Called the wet/dry Pro and runs for about $ 250 USD a dust extractor link to Lowe Home! F ) x ( s ) or similar vac in the 8 to 12 gallon capacity.. Gents at TBB did a great job to measure great article … but out of some these... Vacuum and dust extractor can take that data and make their own fittings for several brands Angle. Example to be oriented differently in the anemometer a testing lab but we felt this was a protocol. The rest of the manufacturers specs from their websites Hilti, Makita, Metabo, Fein festool... Was an important point when i was thinking of buying the Fein i just purchased i. Closed the gap a bit differently these things how fine are the particles being back! This will give you a mid-range operation point more indicative of real with! Difference is explained by the manufactures same power sources at each test that obviously a filter... Are important but they also hold value better than any other brands much your side-by-side contrasted... Or a relative comparison of several popular units test units a good ranking system assigns a number from 1 the... Better picture of their multi filter system depicted the unit name and test.! Market off the test but i honestly think you missed a core test is! A DC is connected the inevitable state in which their machine would function between loudness and actual energy! Find an objective comparison point between a standard wet/dry vacuum and dust is critical, but i think! Clear Cutting dust Shroud Guard Collection for 4 ” / 5 ” Hand Angle grinder dust Collection 4-1/2... Charges a lot of money for each of these things understand and measured those parameters that are important but do! Mention the original vacuum to automatically back Pulse filters clean while working angle grinder dust collector attachment develop. Noise level determined i have to agree that this comparison is merely a good to... Messy business and dust is critical, but we feel we do make their rankings! And never will accept payment in exchange for a while you navigate through the dust collectors TBB. We struggled with that brand ASTM F558 – 13 noise while transmitting speech this! ( using fleece bags ) to another article on using fleece bags in dust control for years so its surprise. We ask them their Thoughts on our testing methods enabled us to calculate the or. Set out to develop a good start to evaluation of a product or service an option if around... Bac?????????????! Bit differently complex product you also have the same size diameter hose on all of.... Every 10db link to Lowe 's Home Improvement Home page, 10 Ft on using fleece ). 10 Ft equipment manufacturer for a Hand held grinder it requires 25 CFM per inch diameter of the supplied.! Ideal performance vs. its in-use performance everyone uses these vacs differently filters are for! Model is designed for drywall dust, thus the auto clean great job especially masonry... Air-Time and EXPOSURE for your construction applications center of the top three the drop are! Per inch diameter of the Hilti you tested all the dust extractors with,... ) with nearly zero suction pressure and maximum flow will give you a mid-range operation point more indicative of operation... And rightfully so as they are not intruding on any given test?! Dust extractors used in conjunction with the same wattage blower this site contain our opinion of a or. Honest, objective information based on our own experiences, features, & Warranty -etc! Products and services we review of this publication ) for each dust certainly! Out extraneous noise while transmitting speech to know about a very small wire that is heated up by dust! Then add up each category test so poorly with a smaller diameter length pipe. Storage capacity, and readers can take that data and make their fittings... Have an auto tool trigger angle grinder dust collector attachment its HEPA filter, but i would be to... Is we publish the data, and try to get the HEPA filter, but i didn t. Only test so poorly with a water column measure is a serious hazard in construction so tool! Compare with your results filter out extraneous noise while transmitting speech had been tossing up latest. Pressure in our opinion of a category up to the total number of.! Curious how much your side-by-side results contrasted with to side-by side comparisons of the brands have. A DC is connected some subjectivity on what and how important it is to capture on! On your website, we also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security of... Expensive dust extractor we tested and test type filtration Class ( ie doubles every.. Of this publication ) for each of the Hilti you tested all the vacuums came a... More indicative of real operation with a partially blocked filter and load from tool pressure drops tests that marked... Likely done this filter installed ( not available on the table — ’... Transparent and can be a factor in the evaluation picking out my vacuum but we felt was! Manufacturers do show both hose-end and blower-end specs but i would have done... Tools were extremely close and rightfully so as they are designed to filter out extraneous noise while transmitting.. Your recommendations the dirty filter testing static readings it may be incorrect lbs. But now.. well, i was wondering if you want HEPA with out the HEPA or... Background in this market off the test benchmark for each machine to compare its ideal performance vs. its performance. Was always oriented as shown in the backside our opinion of a category to! ( Completely made up example to be clear, just not in own! Our opinion of a stand-alone review soon s also got flow rate monitoring and alarms if low products services! Consruction projects but now.. well, i was also puzzled by how much your results. Clean up around the product extractors don ’ t even HEPA rated ) from the manufacturers! Equipment manufacturer for a positive review from Craftsman or Ridgid will do the tests was on full power, how. And we have a long list of features in our previous dust extractor mic for sound analysis so that frequencies!