The Nintendo Game Boy was launched in 1989, creating a market for portable hand-held gaming devices.Back then, it retailed at $89.99, but if you sell an original today, it could go for much more, and limited edition models are the most valuable. So retired dolls from the late '80s and 1990s, in the box are selling for $4,000 or more, according to a recent report in USA Today. Have a problem?Send me an email, at or message me on Facebook. Individual cards can be worth even more. Believe it or not, some toys that you spend just a few dollars on can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars years from now. Another electronic item that could be worth a lot in the future is pretty random. Don’t ditch it just yet though because it might be worth some money in the future. … However, since this is our first child, I’m always challenged on what we should keep for future kids, or what we should go ahead and get rid of. If your child wants to play with it, he suggests you buy two of them, and leave one unopened. Something that has a very limited production run can go for a lot of money. A complete set of the 101 Dalmatians toys from 1996 could get you around £50 – or more, if you've also got the fold-out display box. That assumption is based on the fact that a lot of what is collectible now are the pop-culture icons of 25 to 30 years ago, because the people collecting now, grew up with and loved those toys and have the money to revisit their childhoods. The Black Lotus alpha-deck card is one of the rarest cards in existence, with just 1,100 ever printed . The right copy in your comic book collection could make you a major profit on your original purchase. Read More Related Articles. 1 Celebration Mickey ($4,000,000) Joe figures from the 1960s. The original "Molly" American Girl Doll, unopened, is now worth as much as $5,000 in mint condition, according to Good Housekeeping. "We have a houseful of toys at home," she said. If you’re able to get your hands on a first edition of a new book that could potentially become very popular, you could make a lot of money off of it in the future. Something as simple as a piece of paper that you would typically throw away can be sold for thousands if it marks a significant event. Even items that aren't in totally pristine condition are worth good money. It marks a significant event in baseball history, and we all know how passionate sports fans can get about their team’s memorabilia. Remember those Star Wars figurines you used to have, that you (or your mom) tossed in the trash during a springtime closet cleanup a decade ago? It's not likely that paper money will completely disappear at any time in the near future. If your “Star Wars” collection has a lot of items from the original trilogy, you could have a nice nest egg worth close to $1 million. If you happen to buy an item that gets pulled off of shelves because it’s controversial, it might be worth a lot of money in a few years. 33 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth A Fortune Now. How do you know it may soon soar in value? Some editions of Nike Air Jordans are sold for a lot of money today. BuzzFeed Staff. Most Harry Potter toys and current Marvel action figures are not worth much more than they sold for. 27 Toys You Threw Out That Are Worth a Fortune Now. "Who knows? At $1,200, a mint-condition Scratch the Cat, one of … A good example of this was the Harry Potter series, shares Brian Graves, co-founder of EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE. This piece of the past was meant to represent the future. For example, if you attend a baseball game where a player hits the longest home run, your ticket might be worth something. It's the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer. The original LEGO Millennium Falcon (unopened) recently sold for $16,000, according to Business Insider, which also says some Boba Fett action figures are going for $1,000 or more. Posted on October 24, 2016 June 18, ... It’s not always easy to guess which modern-day toys are going to be worth a pretty packet in a few years’ time, ... but you could end up doubling or even tripling your money, depending on … Morgan is an Associate Editor at Reader’s Digest. Sure, most toys lose … 10 old 'Harry Potter' toys that are worth stupid amounts of money now. She writes for, helps lead the editorial relationship with our partners, manages our year-round interns, and keeps the hundreds of pieces of content our team produces every month organized. Have you seen those Funko Pop bobbleheads for sale everywhere? This started with tin toys, model soldiers and model vehicles such as train sets and dinky toys, and progressed through to toys made from plastic, like Barbie dolls which first appeared in 1959. Jurassic Park was a huge deal when it came out in 1993, and the toys made to promote the franchise are worth a fortune. Back in the 90s, Pokemon cards retailed at around £3 for a pack of 10. Furniture Fair Power Pack Feed Our Children. This one is tricky because it’s hard to say what pop culture phenomenon will resonate with people in a few years. The Original Gameboy: 2. Some of the original Magic: The Gathering cards from the '90s are worth a ton of money now. Items such as the first edition iPods and Amazon Alexas have the potential to become a collector’s item. ", Sign up for John's free newsletter by clicking here, For more consumer news and money saving advice, go to, Click here for more consumer reports. You would think those little $9 toys are so popular they will never become collectible. by Dave Stopera. there is a good chance that toy will soon jump in value. For instance, in recent years, He-Man action figures from the 1980s have appreciated to values exceeding even earlier generations of toys such as G.I. The most expensive of all the Disney collectible ride cars, the Tomorrowland People Mover was used between the 60s-90s to guide guests through the Disney Universe of the future. Check out these valuable antiques that made a few lucky people tons of money. Although the 1980s are getting further away in terms of time, the nostalgia is still very real for both people who lived in the 80s and those who didn't. The Future of Paper Money . Big brand names will collaborate with artists to create products sold in a limited quantity. Your future fashionista will rule the runway with this kit. That's because millions and millions are still being sold worldwide. What toys should I buy now to put away for my kids in the future to make some money with? Maybe you had some original Wheels cars with red lines on the tires, or a vintage Stretch Armstrong or GI Joe doll? Sure, there is a chance you get lucky at a yard sale, like Al of "Al''s Toy Barn" in Toy Story 2, when he discovers the rare and priceless Woody in a box on a sale table. She dreams that some of them could someday be worth something. Graves gave an example of a controversial Beatles cover that sold for almost $4,000; there aren’t many out there since that cover was pulled off of shelves. Toys like the Teenie Beanie Babies from 1997 or the McFurbies from 1999 won't get you much more than a few quid, but larger sets can sell for a bit more money. Another example is when big clothing brands like H&M or Uniqlo partner with celebrities to create a clothing line that is only on shelves for a short time. 1. But remember, most American Girl dolls are missing the box and their original outfit, have been smeared with multiple coats of makeup, and have had their hair cut (a no-no in the collectible doll world). The franchise’s toys are popular collectibles that are gaining in value. Here's an interesting, informative infographic that breaks down the worth of a wide range of 1980's toys, video games and gadgets which are now selling online for serious money. When a book first comes out, only a limited number of copies are printed because no one knows how well it will sell. Now, those first edition copies can go for hundreds of dollars. These could be books, album covers, pieces of art, or movies. And Beanie Babies are still worth just $10 for the most part, because many people have closets full of them. New it would have been £20.29, which was still a lot of money at the time, giving a huge increase of 10,300 per cent. A good example of that is Star Wars. If you own any first editions or first releases of popular clothing items, hold onto them. Rare and vintage is the golden combination for comics, as one lucky owner of a 1938 copy of Action Comics #1 found out when it sold for almost £770,000 1 at an auction in August this year.. When Harold Ramis died a few years ago, his action figure from Ghostbusters went from $10 to $100 or more in hours (it has since dropped back down). A lot of the toys or collectible items that end up being worth a lot of money have a cult following, says Graves. Hot Toys make high end action figures for $200-$300 designed exclusively for collectors. You made a big mistake when you threw those out. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2016 where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. These cars are sold for up to $441,500 total online. Better yet, save everything. By Toby Walne for The Mail on Sunday. Copyright 2018 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Among its suggestions: If a toy goes viral on social on social media (remember Chewbacca Mom, the laughing lady in the Chewbacca mask?) TMNT toys, on the other hand, were produced in mass quantity, but many of them have appreciated in value to incredible amounts. Casey Waslasky, AN EXPERT has revealed the ten items that could make you a fortune in the future. A mint-condition original Nintendo Game Boy in its sealed box just went for $2,052.45 on eBay. "The right Micro Machine could go anywhere from five pounds to 200 pounds [$7.70 to $308]," she said. Shoes are a good example. From £3,500 for a Scalextric to £8,000 for a Barbie: Classic toys that can be worth a fortune. The last thing on any child's mind when they go to the toy store is the future resale value of their desired teddy bear or action figure. according to a recent report in USA Today. Future toys and collectibles you should store right now. 12 Jeweled Splendor Barbie Limited edition LEGO sets (but don't assemble them, if you want the highest value), The Simpsons figures (see Funko Pops above), Original Minecraft toys (you could probably add Fortnite toys to the list now), Playmobil airplanes, airports, buses, campers, Limited edition board games (such as collector Monopoly boards). Don’t ditch it just yet though because it might be worth some money in the future. "We also have Legos, GI Joes my husband saved and Cabbage Patch Kids" she said. So stay up on trends, save the packaging, tuck it in a safe, dry place, and like Emily Eppert, keep your fingers crossed. Hints that a new toy might become collectible. If you own a series one 1999 ‘Charizard’ … In her free time, she likes exploring the seacoast of Maine where she lives and works remotely full time and snuggling up on the couch with her corgi, Eggo, to watch HGTV or The Office. It might even surprise some Disney fans to know that the insignificant toy they threw out years ago is selling at a high price on eBay. How do you know it may soon soar in value? Rarity, condition is key Here is a look at 25 Old Disney Items That Are Worth A Fortune Today. The toys that will be collectible in the future are the same ones that kids love and play with and collect today. Jun 3rd 2016 12:52PM "Harry Potter" … The one-of-a-kind doll is worth some serious dough, ringing in at $1,100. But what if you could buy some toys right now that in a decade will be collectors items? When the first book of the series was released, only a limited supply of books were produced. This board game alone sells for $200 . American Girl dolls are also made in limited supply. He suggested parents looking for classics shop for unique toys that are getting some "buzz," and be sure to save the box. She pointed to the example of Micro Machines, a line of toys produced in the 1980s and 1990s. Share. Now, a full set of the first edition in top condition is worth a pretty penny – listings on Ebay range from £2000 – £20,000. With toys in your attic, the most collectable and valuable in the future will probably be the one that you least expect rather than the toys that were heavily advertised and promoted. I want to start buying toys, comics, etc now and keep them in the box and put away so when my kids are older they have some vintage toys that are worth something. The collector website Cool & Collected says it is impossible to predict future values. With Star Wars toys worth more than £10,000 up for auction this week, ... Conversely, if he goes on to tragedy it can be worth money too - like an OJ Simpson card. You’ll definitely want to see if you own these valuable items that could be collecting dust in your garage right now. But it suggests looking for items related to popular video games and TV shows and movies that were not made by the millions. They could be worth a lot of money in a few years. Or, at the very least, you’ll have toys worth money in the future. Van der Vorst notes that if you do purchase a toy you think will be worth a lot in the future, it’s important to keep it in the original packaging. You would never think that old children's toys would be worth a lot of money, but it seems they are. But for most of us, rare and collectible toys are already too pricey to purchase. Graves says that it’s important to look at the market trends and note how brands position themselves. There are several Disney items that are now worth a great deal of money. The Simpsons figures were made for just a short time in 2011, and Bart Simpson, Homer, and Krusty the Clown are now for sale on Amazon for hundreds of dollars each.. "I've seen these sell for as much as $600," Zussman said. For instance, Heineken works with artists to create different lines of unique beer glasses. A landmark in the perception of toy collecting was the film Star Wars which was released in 1977. Many original 1977 Star Wars toys, in original packaging, are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Don’t miss these other childhood toys that are worth thousands. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. But some currently-made toys are seeing price spikes with a few months. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), 8 more rare books that are worth a fortune, valuable antiques that made a few lucky people tons of money, valuable items that could be collecting dust in your garage right now, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. He said for a toy to be worth the most, it must be in excellent condition, and have its original packaging. Polly Pocket: 3. It's not cheap, but it could be worth a lot more in the coming decades, according to … Some figurines are sold for thousands of dollars today. According to eBay's collectibility guide, there are four things to look for when it comes to a toy that will appreciate in value: Condition is key, according to antique toy collector David Zussman. It is true that electronic transactions have become more and more common over the last few decades and there is no reason why this trend will not continue. WATCH THE VIDEO VERSION OF THIS REPORT Tonight at 11 on WCPO 9 On Your Side. Classic toys that are worth the money R eader Sarah asks, “ I’ve been thinking about getting rid of some toys. Savvy parents, and toy lovers, scout the toy racks regularly for $10 toys that just might be worth $100 or more in a few years. Some limited edition Funko Pop figures are made specifically for Comic-Con gatherings, and become collector items in days. But it turns out the company (founded just in 1998) makes very limited editions of some of them. Another thing you should keep an eye out for that could be worth a lot more money in the future is art collaborations, says Patrick van der Vorst, CEO & Founder of Value My Stuff, the world’s number one appraisal site. Here are 8 more rare books that are worth a fortune. It's called "1980s Cash In The Attic," and there are quite a few things featured on it that I had when I was kid. If certain companies only put out a limited supply of an inexpensive product that they want to gain popularity, it’s in your favor to buy one before they’re in high demand. New technology is always coming out so it might seem pointless to keep the old, first edition model of something. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Call up your mom and tell her you hate her for making you throw these away so she could turn your room into an office. Even if you’re not a wine connoisseur, you may be able to buy a cheap bottle of wine that could be worth a fortune in the future. When it comes to old Star Wars figures, for instance, for a Luke Skywalker to be worth $1,000 or more, you will want him in the original bubblewrap package. We recommend our users to update the browser. If you're looking to invest a small amount of money for a potentially large future profit, your first choice should be to get into the stock market.But you also might look to the supermarket -- and other places to pick up everyday items from today that could be worth big money tomorrow.. From a booth in Cincinnati's Riverside Centre Antique Mall, he trades in vintage toys, from old Star Trek dolls to Gumby figurines to 1950s Erector sets. Rob Kearney is the toy buyer (wow, what a cool job) at Cincinnati's King Arthur's Court Toys, one of the few independent toy stores remaining in the area. Regardless it if it was cheap or expensive at the time. Published: 17:01 EST, 16 December 2017 | … Savvy parents, and toy lovers, scout the toy racks regularly for $10 toys that just might be worth $100 or more in a few years. This makes it the toy that is worth the most money on the list. Items such as the first edition iPods and Amazon Alexas have the potential to become a collector’s item. A top value toy, Kearney says, "is unopened, in the box, and original packaging, and that's very important.". Emily Eppert, a mom of three, still has some Cherry Merry Muffin and Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the late 1980's, and is thrilled to see some of them now selling for as much as $100 on eBay.

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