From this event dates the beginning of the secular strife between England and France which runs like a red thread through medieval history. 24 examples: Both strands continue into the medieval period. His Vie de Saint-Alexis (1872) broke new ground and provided a model for future editors of medieval texts. In addressing the German nobility Luther had refrained from taking up theological or religious doctrines; but in September 1520 he attacked the whole sacramental system of the medieval Church in his Babylonish Captivity of the Church. For the medieval history of Hungary the Mdtydskori diplomatikai emlekek (Diplomatic Memorials of the Time of Matthias Corvinus), issued by the academy under the joint editorship of Ivan Nagy and Baron Albert Nyary, affords interesting material. On the frontier line of ancient and medieval times stands the figure of Gregory I., the incarnation as it were of the change that was taking place: half Father of the Church, half medieval pope. The hallway led into an open area with one car in the large parking lot and a medieval stone wall and turrets surrounding the entire hacienda. 0. Stubbs, Lectures on Medieval and Modern History (3rd ed., Oxford, 1900). Many of its blocks are still visible in the walls of various medieval buildings. On the history of Cyprus, see Stubbs, Lectures on Medieval and Modern History, 156-208. Their object had been to purify the Church of medieval accretions, and to restore the primitive model in the light of the new learning; the idea of rival " churches," differing in their fundamental doctrines and in their principles of organization, existing side by side, was as abhorrent to them as to the most rigid partisan of Roman centralization. 1088), medieval theologian, was born at Tours early in the iith century; he was educated in the famous school of Fulbert of Chartres, but even in early life seems to have exhibited great independence of judgment. If to these causes be added a certain exclusiveness, which refused to meet a would-be convert more than half-way, we find no difficulty in accounting for the reluctance which the medieval and modern synagogue has felt on the subject. His excellent summary of medieval French literature forms a volume of the Temple Primers. Zasulich's medieval generalship had been modified so far that he intended to retreat when he had taught the Japanese a lesson, and therefore Kuropatkin's original arrangements were not sensibly modified. Much more rarely, medieval. The medieval town occupies a long narrow hill running N. that of the prince as representing within the limits of his dominions the monarchy of God over all things, culminated in the 17th century in the doctrine of the divine right of kings, and was defined in the famous dictum of Louis XIV. There are some remains of the medieval castle. : He never started a fight, and he kept to the laws of chivalry, common thief though he was. His sieges, the most difficult part of medieval warfare, though won sometimes by stratagem, prove that he and his followers had benefited from their early training in the wars of Edward I. Unlike the terremare and the lake dwellings they do not seem to belong to the prehistoric ages, but yield indications of occupation in post-Roman and medieval times. The Waldenses, under their more modern name of the Vaudois, have survived to the present day in the valleys of Piedmont, and have been regarded as at once the most ancient and the most evangelical of the medieval sects. Some too amongst the medieval authorities (Ibn Haugal and Istakhri) note a resemblance between the speech in use amongst the Khazars and the Bulgarians; and the modern Magyar - a Ugrian language - can be traced back to a tribe which in the 9th century formed part of the Khazar kingdom. Many of the principal medieval attempts in apologetics are directed chiefly against him, e.g. WadeEvans as Welsh Medieval Law (London, 1909). "M n,, later 'EMa), an ancient town of Lucania, Italy, on the hill now crowned by the medieval castle of Castellammare della Bruca, 440 ft. See more. She couldn't tell them apart yet and looked around to determine if this courtyard was the one near the medieval cafeteria or not. In English medieval literature it appears in three somewhat different versions: Sir Orpheo, a " lay of Brittany " printed from the Harleian MS. in J. Bouillon is the only town on its banks, and since it is not navigable it has escaped the contamination of manufacturing life; its valley remains an ideal specimen of sylvan scenery and medieval tranquillity. The four Gothic churches of St Nicholas,' St Mary, with a lofty steeple, St James and The Holy Ghost, and the fine medieval town hall, dating in its oldest part from 1306 and restored in 1882, are among the more striking buildings. These ideas governed it in medieval times also, and in this way monastic life received a decided bent towards mysticism: the monks strove to realize the heavenly life even upon earth, their highest aim being the contemplation of God and of His ways. Thus one of the most important of all medieval ecclesiastical institutions, monasticism, came to an end in England. Upon that was raised a wall of rough rubble rudely faced with stone and flint, evidently a medieval work and about 22 ft. (2) While it had been held as an undoubted principle by the ancient church that this sentence could only be passed on living individuals whose fault had been distinctly stated and fully proved, we find the medieval church on the one hand sanctioning the practice of excommunication of the dead (Morinus, De poenit. Another word for medieval. Adalia played a considerable part in the medieval history of the Levant. 6 editor-approved samples. This is the second great period of the development of Polish literature, which has known nothing of medieval romanticism. But their name plays a part in medieval legends and romances. medieval = relating to or belonging to the Middle Ages. The medieval church had spanned the centuries by supposing that Christ's death was continuous down through the age in the sacrifice of the Mass; Protestant theology had nothing equivalent. In spite of its classical associations and of modern improvements, Weimar still retains much of its medieval character. medieval in a sentence - Use "medieval" in a sentence 1. Its gateway, Elsinore, is a medieval reproduction; other prominent features are the reservoirs, which resemble natural lakes, and a high water tower, from which there is a delightful view. But the saying draws attention to the two great influences which shaped medieval thought - the tradition of ancient logic and the system of Christian theology. Auxiliary sources for the medieval romance-writers were: - the opuscule (4th century) known as Alexandri magni iter ad Paradisum, a fable of Eastern origin directed against ambition; the Itinerarium Alexandri (340), based partly on Julius Valerius and dedicated to Constans, son of the emperor Constantine; the letter of Alexander to Aristotle (Epist. Communion under both kinds and the marriage of the clergy were sanctioned, thus gravely modifying two of the fundamental institutions of the medieval Church. But today these two beautiful medieval cathedrals are mostly tourist attractions. The story takes place during medieval times. The Coptic name, Phelbes, seems to have been derived from Egyptian, but nothing is known of the place before medieval times. Of the medieval ruins those of Kroia, the stronghold of Scanderbeg, are the most interesting. It is situated on the Bisenzio, and is dominated by a medieval castle and surrounded by walls of the r r th and 14th centuries. Its ancient gates, walls and towers have disappeared, but it still possesses a few medieval edifices. (3) While in the ancient church the language used in excommunicating had been carefully measured, we find an amazing recklessness in the phraseology employed by the medieval clergy. Only the medieval tower had remained intact . He collects medieval stuff like that. My major is medieval European history. The whole town is full of specimens of medieval architecture, the pointed arch of the 13th century being especially prevalent. The influence of Ranke early diverted him from his original purpose of studying law, and while still a student he began that series of researches in German medieval history which was to be his life's work. The medieval lord of the manor was what some today woul In general, these performed very much the same function as the lives of saints in the early and medieval church. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. For the ancient and medieval history of the lily, see M. The great medieval canon lawyer Lyndwood illustrates the difficulty of distinguishing, even as late as the middle of the 15th century, between concubinage and a clandestine, though legal, marriage. 5. Griffin, Dares and Dictys, Introduction to the Study of the Medieval Versions of the Story of Troy (1907). ), but a later treatise, a combination of medieval natural philosophy and mysticism. He occupies a high place as a hymnologist, but principally as a translator of ancient and medieval hymns, the best known being probably "Brief life is here our portion," "To thee, 0 dear, dear country," and "Jerusalem, the golden," which are included in the poem of Bernard of Cluny, De Contemptu Mundi, translated by him in full. Ulm still preserves the dignified and old-fashioned appearance of a free imperial town, and contains many medieval buildings of historic and of artistic interest. Two comedies drawn from medieval subjects, Gillets hemlighet (" The Secret of the Guild," 1880) and herr Bengt's Hustru (" Bengt's Wife," 1882), were followed by the legendary drama of Lycko Pers resa (" The Journal of Lucky Peter "), written in 1882 and produced with great success on the stage a year later. But, although the relation of reason to an external authority thus constitutes the badge of medieval thought, it would be unjust to look upon Scholasticism as philosophically barren, and to speak as if reason, after an interregnum of a thousand years, resumed its rights at the Renaissance. Though nominalism is properly a medieval theory, the tendency has passed over into modern philosophy: the term "nominalist" is often applied to thinkers of the empirical, sensationalist school, of whom J. 199+14 sentence examples: 1. Relating or belonging to the Middle Ages. 20 sample sentences for MEDIEVAL. Its medieval castle was destroyed in 1860. By the Middle Ages, the importance of the castle was undeniable. The medieval period closed with the accession of the Tudor dynasty, and from that time the population of London continued to increase, in spite of attempts by the government to prevent it. In medieval romance he became a prominent figure in the tale of Troilus and Cressida. The town is surrounded by a medieval wall, with three gateways, and contains two Protestant churches, of which that of St Nicholas (14th century) is remarkable for its three fine aisles. But only gradually did he come to realize that his source of spiritual consolation might undermine altogether the artfully constructed fabric of the medieval Church. They were pretty loud and medieval. 0. The sites of Lindus, lalysus, and Camirus, which in the most ancient times were the principal towns of the island, are clearly marked, and the first of the three is still occupied by a small town with a medieval castle, both of them dating from the time of the knights, though the castle occupies the site of the ancient acropolis, of the walls of which considerable remains are still visible. The notion that the colossus once stood astride over the entrance to the harbour is a medieval fiction. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 6th, 1907), probably the longest and most argumentative papal utterance extant, also aims primarily at Loisy, although here the vehemently scholastic redactor's determination to piece together a strictly coherent, complete a priori system of "Modernism" and his self-imposed restriction to medieval categories of thought as the vehicles for describing essentially modern discoveries and requirements of mind, make the identification of precise authors and passages very difficult. Show More Sentences In the later medieval period there was a general increase in the numbers of educational institutions as well as increasing use by the laity. 2. They not only formed one of the bridges by which the medieval thinkers got back to Plato and Aristotle; they determined the scientific method of thirty generations, and they partly created and partly nourished the Christian mysticism of the middle ages. In the medieval inventories are sometimes found albae, described as red, blue or black; which has led to the belief that albs were sometimes not only made of stuffs other than linen, but were coloured. Send. During the medieval era of internecine strife the Buddhist priests were the sole depositaries of literary talent, and seeing that, from the close of the 14th century, the ShintO mime (Kagura) was largely employed by the military class to invo,~ce or acknowledge the assistance of the gods, the monks of Buddha set themselves to compose librettos for this mime, and the performance, thus modified, received the name of NO. In Etruria it probably appears in tombs as 12.45 (25); perhaps in Roman Britain; and in medieval England as 12.47 (25). Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. The medieval studies which Wagner had begun for his work at the libretto of Tannhauser bore rich fruit in his next opera Lohengrin, in which he also developed his principles on a larger scale and with a riper technique than hitherto. The granting of indulgences was predicated on two beliefs. PRESTER JOHN, a fabulous medieval Christian monarch of Asia. Medieval Christian synchronists make Cuchulinn's death take place about the beginning of the Christian era. The streets are as a rule arcaded, and this characteristic has been preserved in modern additions, which have on the whole been made with considerable taste, as have also the numerous restorations of medieval buildings. The medieval form of association was incompatible with the new ideas of individual liberty and free competition, with the greater separation of capital and industry, employers and workmen, and with the introduction of the factory system. Like other parts of Germany during the 9th century Hesse felt the absence of a strong central power, and, before the time of the emperor Otto the Great, several counts, among whom were Giso and Werner, had made themselves practically independent; but after the accession of Otto in 936 the land quietly accepted the yoke of the medieval emperors. He had an unbounded admiration for Erasmus, with whom he entered into correspondence, and from whom he received a somewhat chilling patronage; whilst the brilliant humanist, Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494), taught him to criticize, in a rationalizing way, the medieval doctrines of Rome. Wheatley, The Story of London [Medieval Towns] (London, 1904). She'd thought his wall of swords, daggers, axes, and other medieval weapons were for ceremony. These agreed in repudiating certain of the doctrines, rites and practices of the medieval Church, especially the sacrifice of the Mass and the headship of the bishop of Rome, and, whatever their official designations, came generally to be known as " Protestant.". - Example Sentences for medieval use the word medieval in a sentence These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The medieval Arabians invented our system of numeration and developed algebra. The town hall, with its light open loggia of semicircular arches on the ground floor, was designed by Fra Giocondo towards the end of the i 5th century; its sculptured enrichments of pilasters and friezes are very graceful, though lacking the vigorous life of the earlier medieval sculptured ornamentation. It had indeed begun to break down under the strain of frequent and distant campaigns, but it was long before it was changed as the recognized rule of medieval service. Modern English to Medieval Translator. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. writers of this century need not be mentioned here; but the next, the 11th century, is given as the probable though uncertain date of a writer who had a great influence on European medicine, Mesua the younger of Damascus, whose personality is obscure, and of whose very existence some historians have doubted, thinking that the name was assumed by some medieval Latin writer. Of pre-Roman or Roman buildings in the town itself there are few remains, except for some fragments of the Etruscan town walls composed of rather small rectangular blocks of travertine, built into the medieval fortifications. However this may be, remnants of their primitive superhuman qualities cling to the Celtic heroes long after they have been transfigured, under the influence of Christianity and chivalry, into the heroes of the medieval Arthurian romance, types - for the most part - of the knightly virtues as these were conceived by the middle ages; while shadowy memories of early myths live on, strangely disguised, in certain of the episodes repeated uncritically by the medieval poets. Medieval economics was little more than a casuistical system of elaborate and somewhat artificial rules of conduct. Find more ways to say medieval, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The gulf between the " laity " and " clergy " went on widening during the 5th and 6th centuries; and the people, stripped of their old prerogatives (save in form here and there), passed into a spiritual pupillage which was one distinctive note of the medieval Church. The origin of the office of capellanus or cappellanus in the medieval church is generally traced (see Du Cange, Gloss. - An introduction to theology… It was like a prisoner's cell in some medieval castle. They are, with one exception, written on parchment and contain lives of saints, &c., the exception being a legal document. Sarno has the ruins of a medieval castle, which belonged to Count Francesco Coppola, who took an important part in the conspiracy of the barons against Ferdinand of Aragon in 1485. The Church of Rome prefers medieval or modern statements of its position; Protestantism can use only modern statements. , In medieval times, the serfs were not allowed to leave the manor without the Lord’s permission. Especially prominent in Europe, classical, medieval and modern, and in East Asia, is the spirit of the lake, river, spring, or well, often conceived as human, but also in the form of a bull or horse; the term Old Nick may refer to the water-horse Nok. While there is some variety across the different medieval castles still standing, there's a lot … Legislation had to be entirely reformed, and the bill for abolIshing the special jurisdiction for the clergy (foro ecclesiastico) and other medieval privileges aroused the bitter opposition of the Vatican as well as of the Piedmontese clericals. Perchance (perhaps): Perchance Steve will text you back. 96. A Popular Medieval Torture Device device was the infamous torture rack, which was very successful in extracting confessions from people.The tortured person was stretched out on a rack, tied by the ankles and wrists across a flat board that had rollers at both sides. The waterways which traverse and surround it and the character of its numerous gabled medieval houses give it the appearance of an old Dutch, rather than of a German, town. He rose to great celebrity as an architect, and designed many graceful and richly sculptured buildings in Venice, Rome and even in France; he used classical forms with great taste and skill, and with much of the freedom of the older medieval architects, and was specially remarkable for his rich and delicate sculptured decorations.

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